In the Diocese of Charleston, Confirmation prep is a two year process. At St. Gregory the Great this usually begins in the seventh grade and culimates with reception of the sacrament at the end of the eighth grade. Preparation for Confirmation is two-fold. First, there is ongoing faith formation provided through either the Catholic School or the Parish Youth Ministry and Formation for the 7th and 8th grades. The second facet of Confirmation preparation is the immediate sacramental instruction which is required of all students (regarless of the school they attend) and takes place during the second year or 'Confirmation 2.'  


CHANGE FOR the 2017-2018 Year -- There will no longer be a "Confirmation 1." As long as the student is enrolled in faith formation or Catholic school for the 7th grade year they will be eligible to recieve the sacrament of Confirmation during their 8th grade year. All 'immediate sacramental preparation' will take place during the 8th grade year (including all paperwork). 


The process toward reception of the sacrament of Confirmation is not a checklist to earn a merit badge, but a journey that we are excited to walk with you on. We are committed to accompanying you on this journey and we understand sometimes life and schedules are messy. We do ask for certain things during this journey not so we have a file of neatly written documents, but so we can experience the life of the Church in ways that will ignite the fire of faith in each of us. 


To enroll in the Confirmation Prep program please attend the Orientation Session and complete the registration paperwork. 


Please note - we celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation every year. If your child is not ready or has not completed the Confirmation Prep program we are happy to work with you to ensure the most fruitful experience when the time is right. 

Orientation Information 

There is a required Confirmation Orientation for all Parents and Students (regardless of the school they attend) for Confirmation 2 (8th grade or above) to be held in the Church. 


  • Confirmation 2 (8th grade or above) Orientation 
    • Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 7:00pm, (English and Spanish)

Registration and Information

Confirmation Registration and Information Packet 2017-2018 (Bi-lingual)
This packet is for Confirmation (8th grade and above) parents and students with important dates, paperwork, and information.
2017-2018 Confirmation Packet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [445.3 KB]

Other Important dates for Confirmation Prep      (8th grade or above):


Meetings below will take place from on Sundays at 3:00pm-4:30pm in SGG Church unless otherwise indicated. These sessions are for the students, at least one parent, and a local sponsor (if possible).


Confirmation Retreat  

  • Saturday, 2019
    • At St. Andrew Hall
    • 9:30am- 3:00pm
    • Confirmation (8th grade or above only)

Confirmation Retreat January 20, 2018 Information

Confirmation Retreat Jan. 20, 2018 information Letter
Information concerning the January 20th, 2018 Confirmation 2 retreat
Confirmation Retreat Letter 2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [98.6 KB]
Permission Form - Confirmation Retreat
The required permission/registration form for the January 20th, 2018 Confirmation Retreat
Confirmation Retreat 2018 PR Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [52.7 KB]

                              Confirmation Date: April 28, 2018                          St. Peter's Catholic Church in Beaufort. Arrival time for Students and Sponsors is 2:00pm. Mass time is scheduled for 4:00pm



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